REI PFAS Consumer Fraud Lawsuit Continues Trend of Similar Lawsuits

Article By: John Gardella

On October 28, 2022, a PFAS consumer fraud class action lawsuit was filed in Washington against REI over alleged PFAS content in various articles of waterproof clothing sold by the company. The REI PFAS consumer fraud lawsuit is but the latest in a growing line of PFAS lawsuits that allege that certain consumer goods contain PFAS, that the products or company’s values were marketed as healthy or environmentally friendly, and that consumers would not have purchased the products if they knew that the products contained PFAS.

As we predicted in early 2021, the increased attention on PFAS content in consumer goods in the scientific community and media presented significant risks to various industries, including the apparel and cosmetics industry, and our prediction was that the developments would lead to a significant number of lawsuits alleging consumer fraud.

Consumer goods industries, insurers, and investment companies interested in the consumer goods vertical with niche interest in cosmetics companies must pay careful attention to the cosmetics lawsuits and the increasing trend of lawsuits targeting the industry.
REI PFAS Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

On October 28, 2022, plaintiffs Jacob Krakauer and Joyce Rockwood filed a lawsuit in Washington federal court seeking a proposed class action against REI. The lawsuit alleges that REI markets the company and its products as environmentally friendly and sustainable. Further, the lawsuit cites to statements made by REI that the company is taking proactive steps with respect to chemical use in its products to argue that such statements were false, misleading or induced consumers to purchase products when the presence of PFAS in the products was not disclosed.