California sues manufacturers like 3M and DuPont over toxic ‘forever chemicals’

– On November 10, California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against chemical companies like 3M and DuPont for endangering public health, and harming and destroying the state’s natural resources with the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS.

In the lawsuit, Bonta alleges manufacturers knew PFAS were toxic yet continued to produce them while hiding their risks from the public.
“Toxic PFAS contaminate California’s water, food, soil and air,” said Bill Allayaud, California director of government affairs for the Environmental Working Group. “Forever chemicals are used in countless consumer products – from personal care to textiles to food packaging.”

“PFAS polluters must pay for contaminating our state and our bodies with these insidious chemicals,” he added.
States and consumers have sought remedy from the courts as they’ve grown more aware of the staggering costs of treating water for PFAS contamination and the many health harms linked to these toxic compounds.

The California suit seeks damages from 18 companies and asks them to pay for treatment of drinking water and wastewater systems for PFAS statewide. It also seeks funds for environmental tests for PFAS, medical monitoring, and safe disposal and destruction of the chemicals.
PFAS have been detected in public water systems serving more than 16 million Californians.

Separately, the attorneys general of 15 other states have each sued companies allegedly responsible for PFAS contamination, seeking damages for the harm caused by the pollution. Minnesota settled with 3M for $850 million in 2018. Delaware also reached a settlement.

Source: /news-insights/news-release/2022/11/california-sues-manufacturers-3m-and-dupont-over-toxic-forever