Early Adopter Manufacturers Select Assent’s PFAS Solution to Solve Urgent Need for Proactive Supply Chain Engagement

Recently published research by Verdantix created a spotlight on the need for product compliance solutions, specifically referencing Assent. The report advised that “Excel and paper-based solutions are inadequate for organizations that need to track PFAS compliance and communicate performance to internal and external stakeholders as their operational complexity scales.” – Verdantix, Strategic Focus: Innovative Solutions To Manage PFAS Compliance, July 2023.

Since Assent’s PFAS Solution formally launched in June, more than 50 manufacturers have chosen to work with Assent to collect and manage their supply chain PFAS data. Early adopters recognize the importance of proactive compliance to reduce supply chain risks and costs as PFAS liabilities and regulations continue accelerating across the U.S. and Europe. As a result, more than 35,000 requests for supplier data related to PFAS are being deployed by Assent by the end of 2023, many through electronics, medical device, and industrial equipment supply chains.

Source: Business Wire

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