CKS Packaging Establishes Relationship With Barrier Plastics And BP Polymers.

CKS Packaging establishes relationship with Barrier Plastics and BP Polymers to offer Baritainer® Technology in Rigid Packaging Markets

CKS Packaging, in partnership with Barrier Plastics (BPI) and BP Polymers (BPP), will become a primary North American manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) rigid plastic containers utilizing BPP’s Quoral® Barrier Resin technology. These bottles will be marketed under the trade name, Baritainer®.

Both CKS and BPI will market the Quoral®/Baritainer® technology with BPI serving primarily as the technical arm while leveraging CKS’s sales and manufacturing capabilities.

The manufacturing partnership will focus on bringing a safe and more cost-effective alternative to end-users whose product requires varying levels of barrier protection against permeation. Plastic HDPE bottles made with the Quoral® barrier resin additive will provide packaging solutions for solvent-based products including household, industrial, agricultural, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives and automotive additives. For these type products, Quoral® technology provides safe and functional containers at a significant cost advantage to traditional barrier methods such as fluorination, tin plate and PVC.

Dewayne Phillips, Executive Vice President for CKS Packaging, remarked of this manufacturing partnership: “Having the ability to produce Quoral® barrier resin bottles enables CKS to offer another value-added product solution to our customers and demonstrates CKS’ commitment to leading edge packaging technologies. We can now offer more cost effective supply chain solutions to our household chemical, industrial, and automotive customers who require barrier properties in their rigid plastic packaging.”

Kevin Callahan, Chief Operating Officer Barrier Plastics and BP Polymers, added, “We look forward to working with CKS in expanding and developing the Baritainer® product line and introducing it to new markets and opportunities. Both companies working together will offer a unique and proven barrier package technology to solve customer requirements in a very cost effective manner.”


Barrier Plastics was founded in 2008 after years of extensive materials research and product development. Based in California, Barrier Plastics is the sole US manufacturer of Quoral® BR Baritainers®. Barrier Plastics’ sister company, BP Polymers, LLC, is also located in Southern California. For more information, please visit us at or


CKS Packaging was founded in 1985 by Charles K. Sewell after selling his original start-up company Sewell Plastics which later became known as Constar Plastics Inc. CKS Packaging is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is a faith-driven company wholly owned by the Sewell Family. CKS Packaging is considered to be one of the fastest growing companies within the rigid plastics industry with manufacturing in 22 locations across the US.