Report examines use-phase GHGs for aluminum vs. glass, plastic | Greener Package

According to a new study conducted for the Aluminum Association by ICF International, the combined greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the transportation and refrigeration of beverages in aluminum cans are lower than those associated with that of beverages in glass or plastic bottles under the same conditions.

Update on Perfluorinated Grease-proofing Agents

Perfluorinated grease-proofing agents are coatings on paper wrappers and containers that come into contact with food, such as fast-food wrappers, microwave popcorn bags, and pet food bags. These coatings prevent oil and grease from foods from leaking through the packaging. Perfluorinated grease-proofing agents in various forms have been used on food contact surfaces since the 1960s.

How to Read The UN Rating Codes

Developed as a set of standards, by the United Nations, Un ratings are essential for shipping or storing hazardous materials. The UN Rating is a series of number and letter codes that show what a container is regulated to handle. They determine this through a series of tests that all containers must undergo if they are to be UN Rated. Current UN Regulations are enforced by the D.O.T. It is up to the filler of the product to determine what UN Rating they need.


+ Kortrax® BR is BP Polymer’s unique and proprietary barrier resin additive for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that utilizes laminate technology thereby creating ‘Baritainers®.

+ Kortrax® BR is based on engineered grades of Polyamide (PA) 6.

+ Customized and proprietary manufacturing processing techniques are necessary to ensure optimal barrier performance in BPI’s Baritainers®.

+ The result is a laminar microstructure in which the Kortrax® BR forms stacks of large overlapping platelets or discontinuous layers within the Baritainer® wall which limit hydrocarbon permeation.   By creating a ‘tortuous path’ for large chain molecules, hydrocarbons attempting to diffuse through the HDPE walls into the atmosphere are stopped.

+ Standard Grades:
* Kortrax® BR 70 = for containers < 5 Liters.
* Kortrax® BR 50 = for containers > 5 Liters.

+ With the same processing conditions, the amount of barrier can be adapted by the amount of Kortrax® BR added.

+ In comparison with HDPE, Kortrax® is:
* Vs. Hydrocarbons (solvents) 100 times more efficacious.
* Excellent aroma barrier.
* 2x to 5x improvement in O2 barrier performance.

+ Properties of HDPE remain unchanged:
* Printability
* Mechanical Properties
* Colorants
* UV Additive
* Seal Properties
* Anti-Static Additive
* Fire Retardant Additive
* Recyclability